What is Vinter?

The digitized world is bringing radical changes to the business environment, transforming traditional workflows and providing new opportunities for employees. This digital transformation, particularly integrated with technology, has increased speed and efficiency in business processes, impacting recruitment processes as well. The rapid progress of technology has altered the dynamics faced by job seekers and employers. In this digitalization process, especially online interviews that can be conducted synchronously and asynchronously have gained significant importance. Individuals and companies looking to leverage the advantages of technology focus on gaining a competitive advantage by utilizing asynchronous interview software as an effective communication and assessment tool. This emerging trend represents a strategic step for those who aim to make recruitment processes more efficient and take advantage of technological benefits.

Asynchronous video interviews are used as a replacement for or a complement to traditional (face-to-face) interviews. In these types of interviews, candidates provide video responses to pre-prepared questions. The given responses are then viewed and evaluated by hiring managers.

Vinter also enables both employers and candidates to save time. Candidates can respond to interview questions at their convenience, up until the deadline, while employers can assess responses at their own suitable times.

Candidates are invited to the Vinter software to answer pre-prepared tests for the position they are interested in within a specific time frame, and their video responses are later reviewed by hiring managers. These processes make the recruitment process more flexible and can facilitate interaction with candidates in different geographical locations.